Twenty-Two Ocean View: Terrorists Among Us


Kevin Hunter awakes one morning to find himself tied and beaten in a remote mountain cabin. Lying next to him is the dead body of CIA agent Robert Beske. Kevin manages to escape and then learns that simultaneously his wife Juliana had been kidnapped, but also managed to escape. He volunteers to help the CIA find Beskeís murderer. Earlier, Kevin and Juliana had sailed to Santa Barbara Island, where they discovered some stolen parts of a secret drone guidance system. By Kevinís intervention, these were retrieved by the Coast Guard and marked the beginning of Kevin and Julianaís ordeal.

Kevin had met Juliana 12 years earlier while working on a project. They fell in love and were married. Their new life together was busy with Julianaís work on climate change, Kevinís travel on business to the Middle East, and time on their boat when they could get away. In Kuwait Kevin narrowly misses becoming a prisoner of the Iraq invasion forces when many of his colleagues become POWs and human shields. While on a trip to Washington, Kevin is invited by his CIA contact to attend a secret CIA training facility in Virginia. In his absence, another attempt is made to kidnap Juliana. Learning of this, Kevin undertakes surveillance of Saleh, a mysterious Saudi Arabian lawyer who may be behind the effort to steal secret information concerning Americaís drone program. A further attempt is made on Kevin and Juliana during Kevinís travels to Johnston Island in the Pacific. At this point Saleh disappears, after first deciding to double cross his Iranian clients and sell the secrets to the Chinese.

Kevinís surveillance leads to a possible link in Las Vegas, where Leila, Salehís mistress, has seduced an airman at Creech Airforce base where the drones are flown. She is also in an affair with an Iranian engineer working for an American aerospace company. Leila and the airman are arrested and as the FBI closes in, the Iranian commits suicide. Later the world is altered by the horror of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, where Kevin has a project. At Salehís suggestion, his Chinese contact attempts to recruit Juliana and is arrested by the FBI. Kevin narrowly misses a fatal attack by terrorists in Saudi Arabia when his travel plans change at the last minute. He promises Juliana, no more trips to the Middle East.

The promise is quickly forgotten when he talks Juliana into a trip to Egypt. Leila has managed to escape from federal prison and returns to Egypt where she joins her brother and a group of Sinai Jihadists carry out terrorist attacks. Kevin continues to aid the CIA when one of his employees in Afghanistan reports on al Qaeda activities, and another travels to Iran to retrieve a flash drive containing information on Iranian drone research. At the CIAís request, Kevin makes a final undercover trip to Egypt to identify Leila who is arrested by Egyptian authorities as a result.

Following Kevinís retirement, Juliana organizes a dinner for a small group of friends at Twenty-Two Ocean View, an elegant beach front restaurant in Newport Beach. After the dinner, Kevin and Juliana walk home along the boardwalk, where a suicide bomber on a bicycle detonates a charge with fatal consequences.