The Rumble Grumble Roar


This is a story about the adventures of three bearded dragons—Wiggle, Squiggle, and Beardie. They live in the central Australian desert. One day they hear a terrible sound that rumbles and grumbles and roars. They are very curious, so they decide to find out what is making this sound. They gather their friends with them to investigate. As the rumbling, grumbling, roar comes their way, the three bearded dragons bravely flare their chin frills. The roar disappears, and Wiggle, Squiggle and Beardie think they have scared it away. Unexpectedly the Rumble Grumble comes back and stops. It grabs Beardie. Everyone is worried and scared. What can they do to save Beardie?

Target audience: 3rd to 5th grades

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