N is for Knuckleheads: Bad Decisions, Facts vs beliefs, and America's Deference to Ignorance


As a trial lawyer, Joe Genshlea has devoted a lifetime to discovering what is true in complex matters. Over his career, it is fair to say that he has encountered a number of “Knuckleheads,” his term for politicians, reporters, and others who for some inexplicable reason put belief before reason, defer to ignorance rather than fact, and overall are responsible for misinformation and bad decisions. In N is for Knuckleheads, Joe skewers some current fallacies with satire and common sense. These essays range from the Supreme Court to nuclear power to the Catholic Church’s handling of pedophilia to the Constitution. This book will give you fresh insights and make you rethink various myths, mistakes, and misunderstandings reported by the popular media as “Facts.”

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