In An Immigrantís Grandson, Al Gravallese tell the poignant story of a young Italian-American growing up in Bostonís North end at the end of the depression. His parents were first-generation immigrants. The courage and tenacity of his grandparents, who left rural poverty in small villages in Italy to seek a new life in America, made a lasting impression on Al. From his father he learned the importance of hard work, first as a brick layer, then a college graduate, a Sloan Fellow at MIT, an aerospace engineer, a naval officer, deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, and eventually corporate vice president of DMJM/FRH a major national architect engineering firm and subsidiary of AECOM Technology Corporation. In this book, he reveals how he was able to expand the companyís business to the new field of program management, securing the largest contracts in the history of the company, including the renovation of the Pentagon and of the Washington Dulles and National airports. In a time when the role of immigrants is being questioned, Al Gravalleseís life is an example to be emulated by future generations.