Energy Management Principles, 2nd ed.

Applications, Benefits, Savings

Craig B. Smith Ph.D., P.E. (ret.), Principal, Dockside Consultants Inc., California, USA

Kelly E. Parmenter Ph.D., C.E.M, Principal Project Manager, Applied Energy Group, Inc., California, USA


Provides extensive coverage of all major fundamental energy management principles

Applies general principles to all major components of energy use such as HVAC, electrical end use and lighting, and transportation

Describes how to initiate an energy management program for a building, a process, a farm or an industrial facility.


Energy Management Principles - Applications, Benefits, Savings 2nd edition, is a comprehensive guide to the fundamental principles and systematic processes of maintaining and improving energy efficiency, and reducing waste.

Fully revised and updated with analysis of world energy utilization, incentives and utility rates, and new content highlighting how energy efficiency can be achieved through 1 of 16 outlined principles and programs. With cost effective analysis, case studies and global examples, guidance on building and site auditing this fully revised edition provides a theoretical basis for efficient energy use. The potential for reducing fuel and electricity use, potential economic savings, and greenhouse gas reductions are outlined.


1. Introduction

2. Catalysts for Energy Management

3. General Principles of Energy Management

4. Planning Energy Management Programs

5. Understanding Utility Rates and Programs

6. Building and Site Energy Audits

7. Energy Analysis

8. Management of Heating and Cooling

9. Lighting Management

10. Electric Transportation

11. Management of Process Energy

12. Integrated Building Systems

13. Cost Effectiveness Analysis

14. Implementation and Continuous Assessment

List of Tables and Illustrations


A. Abbreviations, Symbols, and Units

B. Units and Conversion Factors

C. Energy Management Data


Annotated Bibliography

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