Description Canobie Alley 194 words 1169 characters

In Canobie Alley: Fragments of Lost Childhood, author S. E. LaMoure recounts a series of stories about a boy’s childhood experiences in the remembered world of Whittier, California during the last years of the Depression and World War II, before the 1950s. It was a simpler time, a world without television, smart phones, computers, and mass developments. Boys were free to explore the still natural world of the San Gabriel River and the Puente Hills, often roaming in bare feet and through the orange and avocado groves and sunny meadows that have since been replaced by shopping malls and tract houses. Growing up during this period, young Winston Morrow recalls adventures with his three brothers and describes rites of passage that we’ve all experienced. These fragmentary glimpses of the deep past in many ways make up a search by the author through memory to reawaken his childhood love of play and an imagined world where dreams could become reality. Early one morning while delivering newspapers, the darkness is shattered by a bright light in the sky. Later Winston learns it was an atmospheric test of an A-bomb in Nevada, and realizes that the world has changed.